Exploring Lisbon

img_0708Lisbon is a beautiful city full of culture, colour and creativity. There is art all around and a warm and friendly atmosphere wherever you go. From surfing to shopping there’s a huge mixture of activities to do:

  1. Surfing in Coasta da Caparica – I would highly recommend surfing at this beautiful beach as the views are stunning and the waves are perfect even for beginners. The beach is sandy and the water is clear which provides a good environment for all levels of surfers. Epic surf school run by a friendly local who has a strong passion for surfing is brilliant for beginners who prefer to have assistance and lessons in the water. It is located next to a cafe and fully equipped with surf boards and wet suits. 
  2. Exploring Belém and the famous pastry shop – Belém is a picturesque area of Lisbon full of colourful streets and tourist shops as well as the famous Pasteis de Belém which sells hundreds of delicious pastries and cakes. This patisserie is often queued into the streets so I would recommend walking in through the back and waiting for a table as the service is much quicker. Belém also has a beautiful view of the pont de 24 abril bridge which is built by the same company that built the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. 
  3. The best pizza in Lisbon- Hidden away on the side of a road Casa Nova pizzeria is a must visit restaurant. Handmade in a stone oven the pizza is thin,crispy and delicious. 
  4. Taking a tram up to Catelo de St Jorge- the old fashion style team is described as a roller coaster like experience as it travels up and down the hills of Lisbon through colourful and tiled streets. At the top is an ancient castle which was only first discovered after a tragic earthquake in 1700s. The views from the top are spectacular over the city and there are many lovely cafes. 
  5. Exploring Sintra- this picturesque area is a 45 minute train journey from the centre of Lisbon. There are many cafes and restaurants which are well priced as well as little shops and a pretty town hall. You can take a hop on hop off bus or a horse and carriage to the top of a castle which overlooks Sintra.

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